Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

      Meg Cabot’s very popular Princess Diaries series continues with Royal Wedding, the series’ first adult novel! The last time we heard from Mia, her and Michael Moscovitz had (finally!) gotten back together, she was heading to college to pursue her dream of writing, her family and friends were happy, and the future looked pretty bright! Fast forward a few years, and it looks … Continue reading Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

We’re continuing our review of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series with book two, Notorious Pleasures! Here’s a synopsis to get us started, courtesy of Hoyt’s website: Their lives were perfect . . . Lady Hero Batten, the beautiful sister of the Duke of Wakefield, has everything a woman could want, including the perfect fiancé. True, the Marquis of Mandeville is a trifle dull and has … Continue reading Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt